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If you want to support what I do, have a snoop around here. The best way to support me is to subscribe to Evolve Already but you’ll also find my unique range of services, courses and products below – designed to help you quit addictions, gain self-discipline or build a business and life you don’t hate.


If you think computers and technology are moving fast, you’d be amazed at how quickly our understanding of the human brain is evolving. My weekly letters keep you up-to-date in the area of psychology & self-discipline.


Clarity Call

Book your 1-on-1 coaching call (video or audio) from me to you

Get A Website

Have my team build you a professional website in 1 week

Website Evaluation

Get a full-report showing why your website isn’t making sales


How To Quit Weed

How To Quit Weed Without Withdrawals Or Sleepless Nights

How To Control Alcohol

How To Control Alcohol Without Withdrawals & Headaches

How To Quit Gambling

Quit Gambling Now WITHOUT Blowing Your Money Ever Again

Info Products From Scratch

Create & Sell Your Own Ebook, Video Or Audio Program

Email Eskimo

Influence. Using The World’s Most Effective Anti-Social Media

Sales Page Templates

How To Build A High-Converting Sales Page Based On Psychology

Instant Product eCovers

How To Easily Create Those Fancy 3D Info Product Images

Sales Funnel Marketing

Info Products From Scratch, Email Eskimo & Sales Page Templates

D2D Streetwise Sales

How I Was “Top Sales Guy” For 4 Multi-Million Dollar Companies