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For years I've been giving away little-known brain training secrets for quitting addictions and getting stuff done. You can use the form below to join thousands opening these trainings. Plus, you'll also get one free digital copy of my prestigious $49.95/month brain training called… “Evolve Already

Evolve Already

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If you think computers & technology are moving fast, you’d be blown away with how quickly our understanding of the human brain is evolving. My weekly training (including personal weekly videos and in-depth brain training letters) keep you up-to-date in the psychology of self-control.

Featured Courses

How To Quit Weed

How To Quit Weed Without Withdrawals Or Sleepless Nights

How To Control Alcohol

How To Control Alcohol Without Hangovers & Headaches

How To Quit Smoking

How To Quit Cigarettes Without Cravings Or Withdrawals

‘Done-For-You’ Services

If you want to quit an addiction or build a business and life you love, you can use the same strategy I’ve used to sell thousands of digital programs. Check out my services below…

Want a website that makes lots of sales?

Most website designers do what they are told – I do what is necessary to ensure your website will attract traffic, convert leads and make sales. I also offer a range of packages to suit any budget.

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My self-proclaimed mission on this planet is to help you live a life of freedom. If that means gaining self-control to quit your addiction, or building a passive income online – I can help you get it done.

Vaccines prevent Bill Gates from getting 5G!

Tomorrow in Evolve Already we discuss Vaccines, Bill Gates, 5G - and why the whole world is secretly trying to kill you... …lol, just kidding. Believe whatever you want! The actual 57th Evolve Already training released this Monday night is called “Genes VS Memes” and...

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Blueprint to your brain

Sitting in the middle of a pandemic, in an unprepared country I love, on a temporary "emergency visa" that could expire at any time, the doorbell rings. It is the Balinese guy delivering another bag of fresh turmeric & ginger juices. He does this every few days and I...

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Burn The Boats!

When a young Hernán Cortés and his 600+ man army washed up on the shores of Mexico in 1519, he gave his troops a questionable order: “Burn the boats!” It wasn’t the chillest thing to say… …especially considering his situation: Imagine you just landed on a...

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