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So I just changed my “Quit Weed” Youtube Channel to my real name…

Here’s the video:

My name is not Seb Grant

Most of you already know this, but…

A long time ago, with a character far, far removed from reality, I was forced to create a pen name in order to help promote the addiction program called “Quit Marijuana The Complete Guide”

It was for weird legal reasons.

(i.e I sold drugs as a kid and admitted it in the program etc).

Big deal…

I don’t do anything illegal these days and I will still email you with tips on how to control your life (with money, health and relationships) by controlling the chemicals in your body, and anything else I’m qualified to talk about like generating passive income online to create a location independant business and life you love…

…the only thing that has changed is my name.

From now on I will email you with just one name.

My name.

Tristan Weatherburn

Here’s the video:

My Name Is Not Seb Grant

Keep Reality Real,

Tristan Weatherburn
(AKA Seb Grant)

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